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Rintala - Townsville's specialists in domestic and commercial air conditioning supplies.

At Rintala Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, we assess your needs and situation to determine the right recommendations for your home or office cooling requirements.

Correct equipment selection ...
Bigger is not always better. A proper heat load must be done either in your home or from architectural plans by a professional to determine the correct equipment required.

Correct installation ..
Unlike most other consumer products, an air conditioner cannot simply be plugged into the power outlet and turned on, it must be installed correctly by a licensed & qualified refrigeration technician and electrical tradesmen.

Anybody can make a hole in the wall and connect copper pipes and call it an installation. There is much more to refrigeration than this, otherwise why would it take 4 years of technical training to become a tradesman.


  • To continually improve, keeping the equipment in prime condition, at optimum efficiency and minimum cost.
  • To offer a product and a service that totally meets the requirements of our customers.
  • To encourage all members of the organisation to share their ideas to make our work more efficient and to satisfy our customers.

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Commercial and Domestic Carrier Airconditioners
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