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We design, supply, install and repair – room air-conditioners, split systems and ducted systems suitable to your needs.



Window Room Air-Conditioner

Ideal for the home or office, these are the most popular air conditioning units. They are either fitted to windows, or for reduced noise levels, installed in a specially cut wall opening, they are self-contained within a weather-sealed casing and mounted between one to two meters above the floor. 

Room air conditioners offer the best cost option. Installation cost is also lower than a split system due to the self-contained design. Smaller units plug into a standard power point with larger units requiring a dedicated power circuit.


Its our professional installation that makes the difference!


Split System Air-Conditioner

The split system range mounts high on the wall, and are “split” in their function. The indoor unit contains a coil and circulating fan.

The outdoor unit contains the compressor, coil and outdoor fan.

The two parts can be separated by several meters and are joined together by copper refrigerant piping ... thus the most appropriate location can be selected, reducing the indoor noise considerably.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Rain, hail or shine, the temperature inside is always perfect with energy efficient Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning.


Out-of-sight, super quiet and just right for total and zoned climate control in Australian homes, shops and workplaces.


Powerful twin deck fan option.

To cope with the long duct requirements, Ducted offers a new twin deck fan system.

This powerful addition has the added grunt needed to carry cool and warm air to the far reaches of large and multi-story homes.


Cool down without getting up.

Split systems come with their own remote control....Some that includes an in-built temperature sensor.

Keep it next to you and use it to keep the air surrounding you at your preferred temperature.

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